Wed, 18 Jan 2012
Point of Confusion

The page has announced the forming of DC909 but this was announced by the good guys over at Cal Poly Pomona (CPP). I believe that it should have been announced that DC Cal Poly Pomona (DCCPP) chapter was formed since, through my coordination with them, that was their plan. The contact information listed at is the SWIFT (Students With an Interest in the Future of Telecommunications) organization at CPP which makes sense for the DCCPP chapter.

If you're a member of the CPP community or want to be part of the DC organization that serves CPP I'd direct you to the DCCPP organization. serves the greater 909 and 951 area codes. I'll try to sort this out and make sure that the page has the correct contact info.



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Fri, 13 Jan 2012
DC909 Discussion List

There is now a discussion list set up for DC909. Join and have fun!

- Gurney

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Thu, 01 Dec 2011
We Need a Meeting Place

I'm trying to find a meeting place. I'd like it to be central and convenient for 909 and 951 residents. Due to the size of the 909/951 this is a difficult task. I'm considering something near the Ontario Airport.

I'd prefer it not be a restaurant unless they have a private meeting room. It's much too difficult to socialize when people are scattered across tables and it would be impossible to have a speaker.

I'm sure hotel conference rooms could be rented but I think a no-cost solution would be better. Something like a community center or library might be a good choice. Please contact me if you have ideas.


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Welcome to DC909

The site has been up for a while but I'm trying to get things started again.

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